Benefits Of 16PT Card Stock

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Why Print Business Cards and Flyers On 16Pt Thick Card Stock?


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Whenever you are printing flyers or business cards in NYC, there are many different ways to do it. Searching for different printers will definitely show you that you could go as extravagant or bare-bones as you like. There are many printers around that you can compare to get the lowest price, even if this means getting a quality level that you can surely brag about.

It’s not a secret that flyer marketing could be a big boost for your business. However, some flyers leave something to be anticipated. Smart distribution as well as a good offer, is essential to a business’ success. The only thing is that your prospects will not get that far, if you aren’t able to captivate their attention from the start. This is the reason why a compelling and strong headline with dazzling design are important if one wants a fruitful flyer promotion. Certain design features could get attention in an immediate manner.

When making the business cards, the use of card stock which is thick and heavy could provide a feel of quality. A 16pt thick card stock for business cards and flyers could surely convey a feel of professionalism and quality. On the other hand, if you would like to find out more reasons why it is essential to print business cards and flyers on 16pt thick card stock, here is the place to discover them.

Look and Feel a Lot Better

16pt thick card stock is much better than the other options. It can speak a lot about you and your business when it comes to meeting marketing standards. As a business owner, you came into the decision that your clients prefer the best quality card stock for their cards flyers and even postcards. If this means that you needed to roll out a few improvements with your suppliers, then this is what it would take. The positive response from customers has been the proof that you have settled on the right decision. Simply place yourself in the spot of the individual receiving your card. If a potential customer gives you a card that is dog-eared and bowed before it even gets into your hands, how will it influence the way you see that individual or business? The points of interest actually matter. This is the reason why you should consider 16pt cardstock for all of your vital printing jobs.

For Better Visibility

A thicker cardstock looks better. Moreover, it provides a much better surface for printing both inside and out. Without much “card” to sink into, inks might not have an extraordinary finish, particularly when printing on both sides of the card. When you use a 14pt cardstock, you might have had some client complaints about the nature of the result. So for the colors to come out as it was designed on your cards and flyers, making use of 16pt thick card stocks instead of the latter would be ideal. This will surely make your clients genuinely happy.

An Ultimate Base for Designs

Cards and flyers that are too thin and bendable will not make good marketing tools. You would want a card and flyer that don’t bend that easily. You need something that could keep its shape and texture for quite a long time. 14pt card stocks won’t work for this, so it’s best for you to use the 16pt card stocks now.

Wears Better

Unless it is silk laminated or made like a plastic card, no other card is going to be totally waterproof or element proof. At the same time, you must also take excessive care to keep up its shape. Basically, 16pt Card stock business card or flyer holds up to usual activity a lot better than 14pt cardstock card does. Generally, it looks more enticing and professional when you hand somebody a card that is high quality and neat. Thus, it’s a lot better to always use 16pt thick card stock for your business cards and flyers than the other types of materials.

Making use of a 16pt card stock gives your marketing materials a more practical feel. Card stock with this thickness can be utilized for notices, point of purchase presentations, heavier, more significant leaflets and any printing uses which obliges strength and durability. For marketing purposes this kind of card stock can be utilized for statement stuffers, postcards, business cards, business answer cards, card decks and even as coupons. Most of the time, the benefit of using 16pt card stock is that it is less likely to be discarded before reading. This is because it is heavier and people feel that it is sufficiently essential to be read immediately.

The benefit of using cards, coupons and flyers is that you will get more customers in the store. It is definitely an opportunity to keep them all engaged with the services or products you offer and also to introduce them to everything that’s new in your business.

Card stock with 16pt thickness can be utilized for card flyers, deals reports, testimonials, coupons, timetable cards, menus and cards to express your gratitude. According to most of the printing brokers around, it’s not difficult to offer this sort of stock to your customers. Basically, you can use your creative office to create these different components using 16pt card stock. You can even create your own particular capturing material for prospects or put this information on the cover of your own business card.

Explain to your customers that they can utilize this sort of marketing with 16pt card stock to join forces with their complimentary businesses. With the assistance of your wholesale printer and by partnering with a visual designer and mailing house, you can offer a one-stop, look for selling more 16 point stock in the type of innovative marketing guarantee materials.

Utilize these imaginative components and reliable materials to create powerful and captivating print media for your business. You simply need to provide what your customers truly deserve. You need to provide them with the best business cards and flyers with the use of 16pt card stock now.