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For many years we have been printing many types of business cards which focused on the target market of the business models. We have used many custom designs and ready made templates in order to create original designs for ourselves and our clients.  We use the latest technological strategies as well as media which improves the quality of any presented product. Many business cards can give the business a necessary push to start locating first client popularity or it can improve the already reached client’s reputation. Some business cards are just 4/4 or CMYK on both sides ( which means that color is produced from combination of hues called cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black). We specialize in printing Silk Laminated Mini/Strip1.5”x3.5” / 1.75”x3.5” Business Cards. The least expensive and highest quality printed business cards are usually 16PT Thick  Matted or Gloss Regular Size 2″x3.5”. Under quantity of 250 the quality is always Digital HD.  They as well come in mini versions which for some reason is the same price as regular or generic business card size. Many high end businesses love to use a more authentic quality of a business card called silk laminated design.  Silk business card is always slight more durable and much more thicker.  It make UV Spotting much more luxurious. This type of business card usually is die-cut by rounding the corners or called Round Corners. Some clients ask for something more unique than any other business owner. Well, that seems like a reasonable request.  I this case we can offer Metallic Ink with Foil Stamped Business Cards which can just become an outstanding presentation. If that is not enough, the clients are offered thin or thick Plastic Business Cards. Some plastic business cards can resemble a credit card or luxury discount membership card with a swiping capability and code embossing or the plastic card can have a style of a clear or blurred transparency.
Don’t forget, magnetic business cards are just another great way to remind your clients to call you at their earliest need of your services and if you want you clients to have your business in their  mind permanently then your business needs some sticker business cards. While you can display your ad only on one side, your business can be placed on any surface and become a popular trending  MEME, exactly what you need to create a very organic social media hype.

Here is a sample template of an iPhone replica business card design we created a while back for testing purposes.