The 2013 War On Video. Mixbit, Vine, Instagram.


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After months of preparation and design of web weapons the Youtube army is ready to mobilize its troops. General Steve Chen and General Chad Hurley, who developed and gave us the video sharing website called Youtube, are pushing their troops to the front, showing off their most resent venture weapon, a short flick creator app called Mixbit.

How can we identify the effectiveness of Mixbit? In plain sight it looks like the famous two other film web weapons called Vine and Instagram. After weapons display  Mixbit seems to be the most effective of all three. The difference are not in months or years, nor, in hours or minutes, but in seconds. 2nd place is taken by Instagram with a  recording time of 15 seconds of HD video, Vine taking 3rd place with a 6 second recording time, and 1st place taken by Mixbit allowing a total 16 seconds of recording time.

Many smart devices will be equipped with Mixbit app as soon as mid August, and cinema missions for global display are finally operational.

The need for the awesome power of, is to make it simple for users having a simple way to cut 16-second of video and combine  256 cuts into a movie. Each cut can be shared and revied on all video and shared on social networks like  Google, Facebook, Twitter, or used through the original Mixbit web weapon.

Some think this is a laughable time waiter and real web warriors should spend time on more worthy activities. Naysayers.  People who have been waiting for this web weapon to come out know the true value behind every single cut and potential for this technology will be the new innovation of web video design.

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