GN Team Manifesto on Web Design Printing & SEO


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Advertising and promotion are in the core of every business’s marketing strategy. The goal of these two methods is to create awareness, to convince consumers to make a purchase and to contribute to the formation of a loyal customer base. In order for the strategy to be successful, companies have to use a range of platforms, techniques and tools. Undoubtedly, the web is the top platform for advertising and promotion for both online and traditional businesses regardless of whether they are national or local. The major techniques and tools for using this platform include web design, graphic design, search engine optimization and copy writing. Our company, which has vast experience in printing, now offers all of these services to new and existing customers.

Web Design for Internet Marketing

The major component of every internet marketing strategy is the company’s website. The ideal business website presents the company and its products in detail while offering plenty of valuable and interesting information to users. It is appealing to the eye and perfectly functional as well. It is easy and convenient to navigate and to use. The web design specialists of our company can give you all this and more. Businesses of all sizes and industries can take advantage of our web design services. We are experts in the development of e-commerce websites. The ideal online shopping website has well organized product categories, detailed product presentation which includes top-quality photos, functional shopping cars, which is easy to use and to manage, and convenient and secure payment facilities. You will receive all this from us. It is our commitment to go one step further and to give our customers maximum flexibility when it comes to growing their e-commerce website. The main tools for this include product catalogs which can be easily expanded with time and widgets for adding new functionalities to the online store.

Local businesses now have the opportunity for carrying out successful online marketing strategies thanks to the local listings and the local search opportunities and interactive maps which are available from all major search engines including Google. It is the job of our specialists to present your local business info on every platform which is used by your potential customers in addition to creating a website for you. In this way, everyone will be able to find you on the web and locate you easily and quickly using the maps.

At present, social media marketing is in the core of every successful online marketing strategy. That is why we believe that it is mandatory for every business with representation on the web to have a blog. It can be used for a range of promotional and loyalty building activities from presenting new products in a detailed and less formal manner to sharing tips, ideas and news with customers. It is important for the blog to give visitors the opportunity to share their opinion as well. This will make the platform truly social. Our web designers can integrate a blog into any business website and make it functional, flexible and easy to use.

As part of a strategy for on-site social media marketing, a forum can be added to the website as well. This is a simple yet highly effective tool which our designers can readily create and integrate into your site. The forum is the ideal place for people to ask questions and get answers, to share ideas and even to make friendships. Since it will be part of your website, it will be focused on your industry and cover your products. It gives you the opportunity to create greater awareness and to gain more loyal customers. The website, blog and forum which will be created for you by our experienced designers will work flawlessly in every respect. And this is just the core of the work of our company‘s experts. The strategy will become even more successful with the full utilization of our team’s design talent.

Visual Design for Brand Awareness and Promotion

The uses of visual design in marketing are many and different. The primary thing which you will need our professional designers for is the creation of a logo of your company. This is a basic yet highly effective way for creating brand awareness. The perfect logo is fairly simple and quite attractive at the same time. It must be unique and easy to recognize and to link to the business and its products. Our designers will come up with a logo which meets all of these requirements. Visual design can be effectively used for giving a business website a completely unique appeal. This not only enriches the user experience, but makes the company and its product much easier to remember and to recognize. The creation of unique icons, which bring valuable information in a synthesized manner and make messages simple to understand, is among out major specialties. Our design experts can integrate them successfully not only on your website but into all printed materials which you use.

In the field of online marketing, the art of graphic design is used not only for the creation of a website but for promotion and advertising as well. Attractive and informative banners can be created for you by our skilled and talented designers. They can be used for direct advertising on all sorts of websites directly and as part of programs such as Google AdSense and the programs of the different social networks. Our team is ready to offer concepts based on the business’s needs and vision and to incorporate all kinds of creative ideas.

The professionals of our company can also produce online brochures and the super popular infographics. The concept of infographics, in particular, has proven to be highly successful over the past several years. These visual design creations are used for presenting products, information and complex ideas in a manner which is simpler to understand and much more interesting than the traditional text presentation as well. Since our company is a leading provider of printing services, all of the created designs can be used for print materials including flyers and posters.

The creation of brand mascots is another one of our areas of specialization in the field of visual design. They not only make the brand easier to recognize. They actually help for building a more personal relationship with customers of all ages. They can be easily added to promotional items of all types which can be used as part of various marketing campaigns. Our experienced team will readily take into consideration all requirements which you have and come up with a unique mascot which will be attractive and memorable. The sky is the limit when it comes to promotion with the use of graphic images. But what other elements of marketing do you require to reach full success? Undoubtedly these are search engine optimization and copy writing.

SEO and Copy Writing for Entertaining and Retaining Customers

There is no doubt that search engine optimization or SEO for short is one of the primary factors for successful internet marketing. Its concept is actually quite simple to grasp. Different techniques are used so that the website is more easily found by internet users, who look for the products which the business offers, through organic searches. When this happens, more people will be exposed to your products and this will contribute to sales increase. The SEO experts of our company will create a precise strategy for making your website take a top position for all searches with keywords which are related to your business and products.

A successful strategy must included both on-page and off-page SEO. The first component involves the creation of keyword-based website content and the use of supportive techniques for making the website rank high in searches. This is where the copy writing services of our company come in. At present, Google and the other popular search engines require the content not only to contain the chosen keywords, but to be user-friendly. It must be original and bring valuable information. You will get all this from the professional copy writers that you work with. Off-page SEO is based primarily on building links to the website of the businesses. This concept still plays a key role, but it has been greatly modified. Now the search engines take into account the ranking, relevance and overall quality of the websites which have links to yours. You can rest assured that the SEO experts of our company will use only the best ones for the purpose.
The importance of the social networks should not be underestimated . They have some of the most valuable backlinks. In fact, they are valuable not only for search engine optimization, but for online marketing as a whole because they give you a platform for direct personal communication with your customers. The specialists that you work with can create and implement a comprehensive strategy for social media marketing which goes beyond the building of high-quality backlinks.

As part of our internet marketing services for local businesses, we offer local SEO which is designed to give you top rankings for local searches. It involves complete integration with the maps of the major search engines and listing on important directories plus all other on-page and off-page techniques including social media marketing. While copy writing is an integral part of search engine optimization, it plays an essential role on its own as well. It is the major tool not only for website content creation, but for article marketing and social media marketing. When the creative and skilled copy writers of our company work for you, you will have top-quality content for every purpose.

With our article writing and submissions services, you will have the ideal articles for link building, awareness creation, promotion and the development of a loyal customer base. Since every comprehensive online marketing strategy involves the use of a blog, we are here to assist you with this as well. Our blogging services are based on creativity and thorough analysis of the needs of the business and the followers of its blog. The regular production and scheduled submission of high-quality blog content will lead to growing customer base and higher sales. Both copy writing and visual design can be used not only for online marketing, but for print advertising as well. The printing services of our company will make this form of advertising even more effective. This is achieved through exceptionally high quality and great flexibility.

Printing for Effective Advertising and Marketing

You should begin with building a solid professional image for your company. For this, you will need business cards with the graphic logo of your company. It is our job to create the ideal design, which conveys professionalism and class while being attractive and memorable, and to print absolutely gorgeous business cards. We offer a variety of deluxe options from raised ink to silk texture and from UV spot to color foil ink. Many of our customers prefer round corners for their functionality and attractive appeal. There is a wide variety of cardstock options available to you from 70# and 100# to 14PT, 16PT, 17PT, 18PT plus 20mil, 25mil and 30mil. The core of print advertising is formed by brochures, banners, posters and flyers. These can be created and printed for you by our expert team. Only the most advanced software and the finest machines and materials will be used for the purpose. There are no limits to our creativity and capabilities.

We can produce club flyers of all types from colorful and cheerful to ultra luxurious. You can order vinyl banners of various sizes which will have high print quality and exceptional durability. Our printed foam boards are ideal for signifying the growth and achievements of your company and for all sorts of other promotional purposes as well. Whether you run a store or have a mobile service business, our window clings and stickers will help you immensely in promoting your business directly to prospect customers.

The design and printing of special advertising materials is among our core areas of specialization as well. We create highly aesthetic step and go banners for all sorts of company events. Our team is fully facilitated for printing company magazines of all sizes. With our custom postcards which have the company logo, you can take customer loyalty to a whole new level. We are readily available to create custom receipts for your company. The facilitation of businesses with printed materials for their operation is also among our core areas of specialization. We produce menus and menu and wine list covers for businesses of all types and sizes operating in the food and hospitality industries. The printing of catalog sheets is also among the things that we do exceptionally well. It is time to set your business on the path to growth by working with a reliable partner for the implementation of your online and offline marketing and advertising strategy. The experts of our company will provide services and solutions of the highest quality.