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… frustrated from a lack of desired results the team really wanted just get away from the project and just smoke a cigar, go fishing, and just relax on the lake shore. After, we reviewed all the material that we collected over the years, deciding that moving forward into to the future would mean that we have to commit to a radical make-over and raise our standards. There has to be sharpness, freshness, EVOLUTION. How can we move forward if we continue using outdated tools which diminish quality of our work?

Going one page website was the best and quickest decision that the team has ever made. Sure we want to be original but when you are given such an opportunity, their is no room for a “no”. “You can’t rebuttal this my friends”, said a gentleman clicking his fingers.

What is a one-page or single-page website? What is this new trend? Why scrolling down while sliding up? One-page website according to latest rumors is a website which has a dynamic range of resources to display and collaborate multiple catalogs or portfolios in order to present a more user-friendly environment  of products and services, as well as, having capabilities to sell and accept payments through a secure transaction portal.

What are the  benefits of a single-page website?

  1. Unlimited capabilities in visual design while reducing the work time
  2. Providing dynamic opportunity for improvisation
  3. User friendly environment for browsing the website

What does Google think of single-page websites in terms of your SEO?

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